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Useful Information & Nice to Know


ABC have containers in the sizes 20ft, 40ft, 10ft and more.
Other sizes are 8ft, 6ft and mini cubes. These containers are less common but ABC Containers can easily provide them for you. 

20ft GP Container Dimensions:
Internal – 5867mm (length), 2350mm (height 8,6ft) & 2330mm (width).
External – 6058mm (length), 2591mm (height 8,6ft) & 2438mm (width).
Weight – approx: 2200kg (+/- 50kg). Containers slightly differ in tare weight.
Max Load – Max weight when loaded: 30480kg. 

40ft GP Container Dimensions:
Internal – 11998mm (length), 2350mm (height 8,6ft) & 2330mm (width).
External – 12192mm (length), 2591mm (height 8,6ft) & 2438mm (width).
Weight – 
Max Load – 

10ft GP Container Dimensions:
Internal –  2829 (length), 2350mm (height 8,6ft) & 2330mm (width).
External – 3020mm (length), 2591mm (height 8,6ft) & 2438mm (width).
Weight – 
Max Load –

Please note these Dimensions are listed of General Purpose Containers. 
Containers such as Refrigerated or Dangerous Goods differ slightly due to the modifications. But they are very similar to the standard containers. 


Containers come in different grades rating from very used old ones to brand new fabricated containers. At ABC containers we have every container grade available and it is entirely up to you to decide what grade you will need. But if you aren’t quite sure we will love to help you make the right decision, based on what you intend to storage in your container.

To the left is shown a gallery of containers with the grades rating from very used (AS IS) to fabricated new builds in the following order:

  • As Is – Our cheapest option available but vary a lot. It can have big dents or it might look very nice, but it is used and in most cases old as well. Sometimes this container can have holes here and there. Currently ABC doesn’t have any containers in stock with holes.
  • Wind & Water Tight – This container grade is a used container which might have big dents in the side but it is perfectly well sealed and as the grades says, Wind and Water Tight.
  • Cargo Worthy – Rating a container as Cargo Worthy means the container is still in great shape. It won’t have any major dents. The container has been used and might have some paint pealing off in some areas, but the structure is still intact. Meaning the container is perfectly sealed and well working, but might not be pretty on the outside.
  • Refurbished – Refurbished containers means the container’s structure will be very good/intact. On top of this, the outside of the container has had every rusty part and paint pealing part buffed and repainted. A Refurbished container almost looks as good as new. 
  • New (Single Trip) – The best grade container on the market. This container is as new and good looking as containers get. A Single Trip container has been fabricated brand new and had one shipping trip (loaded or unloaded) and then delivered to ABC Containers. 
  • Brand New (only 10ft) – There is only one case of a better grade container than a Single Trip container. That is the 10ft New Build container. Usually a 10ft container is a 20ft Single Trip container cut in half and then having new doors fabricated on. The only case a container hasn’t had a single shipping trip, is when a 10ft container is build as a 10ft container and not as a 20ft cut in half and then delivered strait to ABC’s depot.

Note these informations are based on General Purpose containers. The grades are very similar across most containers such as Insulated Containers, Open Tops, Side Opens and more.
But with Dangerous Goods containers the grades are listed slightly different. 
For more detailed guidance to help your choice of container grade please give us a call at (07) 4630 7666.

Door Direction:

When looking to have a container delivered, whether it is hired or bought you need to consider what ways you want the container to be delivered. 

Options available is Doors to Cabin or Doors to Rear.

Doors to Cabin:
Having the doors placed towards the cabin means the door direction will be unloaded towards the front of the truck unloading it. 
The truck will be reversing onto the spot you want the container placed and thereafter tilted off the truck leaving the container’s doors pointing the same direction as the truck leaves while/after unloading the container.

Doors to Rear:
Opposite “Doors to Cabin” the container’s doors will be facing the same way as the truck’s tail lights. If you want a container close to a shed’s entrance you would choose Doors to Rear. The tilt tray truck will reverse towards your shed leaving the doors facing the shed. Of course leaving space enough to open the doors.

There is also two ways to load/unload the trucks. The most common way is on a tilt tray and the other option is to side load the container.
Further explanation of loading/unloading in the following section below.

Doors to Cabin
Doors to Rear
Tilt Tray
Side Load Truck

Loading/unloading containers:

As mentioned above there is two ways we load and unload containers. 
The most common option is using a Tilt Tray and the lesser common option is with a Side Loader.

Tilt Tray:
The truck will load the container by lifting up one end of the container and slowly reversing under the container while sliding the container onto the tilt tray. 
Unloading the container is very similar. The truck will slowly tilt/slide the container off  until the container touches the ground. then the truck will slowly start driving away from the container leaving it on the ground. Just before the container comes off, the truck will stop driving and the container will be placed on the ground slowly and securely. 

Side Load Truck:
When using a side loader the container will be loaded and unloaded from the right side of the truck (driver’s side). 
When side loading a container, the entire container will be lifted off the truck and slowly placed on the ground just where you want it. 
Using this method means the truck doesn’t have to reverse into the place you want the container, as long as it can be lifted off to the right side of the truck, and still have a way to exit the property by either driving forward or reversing out. 


Whether you already have a container or if you are thinking of getting a container. You should consider if you need any accessories/modifications to go with your container. 
Following is a list of the accessories we most commonly provide at ABC.

  • Lock Pads
  • Lock Boxes
  • Ventilations
  • Whirly Birds
  • Shelvings
  • Air Conditionings
  • Electrical Fitups
  • Windows
  • Doors

To see a short description of each accessory click here.
Note that every modification hasn’t been listed so if you are looking for something different we are very happy to meet your request to deliver the exact container accessories/modifications you would like. 

Give us a call at (07) 4630 7666 to enquire your wished accessory.