Temperature Controlled Container

Temperature Controlled Container

This container was a Non-Operating Refrigerated Container. That means it is fully insulated but the cooling system is not operating anymore.

Our customer wanted an insulated container and the ability to control the temperature inside the container. A Refrigerated Container can cool down the temperature in a container, but it can’t increase the temperature inside the container.

With a Temperature Controlled Container it is possible to control the temperature inside to be either warm or cold. 
In order to make this possible we removed the old refrigerater unit from the container and we had an air conditioning unit installed. Other from being able to control the temperature, the air conditioning unit is great to decrease the air humidity.

This container is perfect to store items such as Documents, Furniture, Household Items and anything you want stored free of moist and at a certain temperature.

Containers like this can be hired $80 weekly (GST included) and minimum 6 months hire or puchased $11,000 (GST included)



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