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Shipping container in Brisbane

You’ve made the decision to buy a shipping container in Brisbane. Good decision! Buying one from ABC container hire & sales is an even better option, as we’re a local firm that leads the way in shipping container manufacture. We are based in Brisbane and have depots all around the country, allowing us to deliver across the country. So, whether you want to acquire a single shipping container for your backyard or a hundred shipping containers for a new building, road, agricultural, or mining project, we can help.
ABC Container Hire & Sales is a company that rents and sells Brisbane shipping containers to both the general public and businesses. As a 100% Australian-owned company, we are happy to provide a choice of high-quality products, pleasant service, and speedy shipping Australia-wide. So whether you’re looking to buy or rent a container for shipping or storage, or need one renovated or converted into something else entirely, we have the industry know-how to get your job done quickly.

ABC Container Hire & Sales has a large selection of shipping containers for sale and hire in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Queensland and Australia. Whether you require a new or used container, a large order, or a one-time purchase, we can help. Shipping Containers Brisbane can assist you with any container needs you may have.

Shipping Containers Brisbane will take care of all your shipping container needs, with a large inventory of ready-to-go containers and years of industry knowledge. Many are delivered within 24 hours!

Shipping Container Hire Brisbane

Brisbane Shipping Container hire

Did you know that renting a shipping container for a day costs as little as $3.57? Naturally, container rental costs vary depending on the type and size of the container, as well as the length of time you wish to rent it. On the other hand, our prices are quite low. So give us a call, or fill out the form on the right side of the screen for a “Quick Quote,” and we’ll get back to you. We have a large number of containers at our Brisbane and Toowoomba depots, and in many circumstances, we can deliver your container on the same day you place your order. As a general rule, we rent three different types of shipping containers: refrigerated, high cube, and, of course, the industry’s cornerstone, the general purpose shipping container.

Shipping Containers for Sale Brisbane

Brisbane Shipping Containers for sale

What is the cost of purchasing a shipping container? Surprisingly, it’s not nearly as much as you may expect! For example, a secondhand shipping container can be purchased for as little as a few thousand dollars. Because the price of modified containers varies based on the container size and the intricacy (or simplicity) of the modifications, we can’t give a definitive number right away. However, we provide exceptionally low costs on both new and used shipping containers, so once we know exactly what you require, we can provide you with an accurate quote in minutes. On request, we can also provide you with a broad price list of what’s currently in stock.

Modified Shipping Containers For Sale Toowoomba

Brisbane Modified Shipping Container

Modified container conversions are available to the general public and small businesses, as well as the big boys in the mining, construction, and energy sectors. Do you want to build a garden shed, art studio, or workshop in your backyard? There is no need to be concerned. A cargo container could be the perfect solution. Are you a small business owner seeking a way to supplement your revenue without having to invest in infrastructure? A pop-up container cafe is a low-cost addition to your business. For traveling trade exhibitions, roadshows, and festivals, shipping containers make great exhibition booths. We’ve even aided in the development of an isolated bush refuge for mountain biking weekends!

Brisbane Storage Shipping containers Hire & Sales

Shipping is, of course, the most obvious application for a shipping container. We also have a large selection of general-purpose and specialized shipping containers, such as high cube, flat rack, side loading, open top, refrigerated, and insulated containers, to ensure that your goods and cargo are carried safely and securely at a reasonable cost.
We also specialize in converting cargo containers for labor sites, building sites, and mine sites. Accommodation containers, ablution blocks, site offices, first aid rooms, and lunch rooms, as well as specialized containers for risky items, training containers, container shelters, and more, are all available.
Shipping containers are inherently suited for short-term or long-term storage since they are large, sturdy, and secure. If you have specialized collections or furniture that needs to be stored, or if you want to pack up your house and travel up to Far North Queensland for a while, a shipping container can be a safe and secure way to keep your belongings on your property until you need them.

Brisbane Shipping container Satisfaction Guaranteed

At ABC Container Hire & Sales, we go to great lengths to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their shipping container rental or purchase. Customers include large corporations such as Boral, Coca-Cola, BHP, and Qantas, as well as thousands of individuals and small businesses in Brisbane that only need a basic shipping container for storage, removals, or conversion. We have a highly trained team of container specialists who go above and above to achieve complete customer satisfaction. We also take pleasure in providing the highest-quality Australian adapted containers, ensuring that they are constructed to last.

Brisbane Shipping container shelters

If you’re in the mining or construction business and need a structure to shelter huge machines, look no farther than a container shelter from ABC Container Hire & Sales. Container shelters are a creative, dual-purpose solution for providing mobile shelter and storage. They’re a great way to protect your machinery or goods from the elements without having to invest in expensive permanent structures. They’re strong, durable, and wind-proof up to 316 km/h. They can also be removed at any moment and transferred to your next mining or construction location if necessary.

Shipping container delivery in Brisbane

Your shipping container can be delivered to Brisbane (of course), or anyplace else in Queensland or Australia by ABC Container Hire & Sales. And you’ll usually have your container in a few days (sometimes as soon as 24 hours). Of course, delivery to remote areas will take longer, but let us know when you need it and we’ll rush the order to meet your deadline.

Brisbane Shipping container Accessories

Small modifications such as lockboxes, ventilation, and paint are available, as are larger accessories such as extra windows, doors, air conditioning, insulation, lighting, flooring, kitchens, and bathrooms, as well as your local ABC Container Hire & Sales.We can manufacture and alter containers to your exact specifications because we have access to one of Australia’s largest container modification facilities. Whether you need vermin-proof storage or something else, we can assist you in finding the correct solution.

Brisbane Shipping Container Delivery System

Container delivery techniques vary depending on your order and the location of the container, but Tilt Tray, Side Loader, or Hiab Crane are the most common options. If you have someone to offload the container onsite, a semi-trailer delivery is also an option. When you contact us, we’ll talk about delivery to make sure there aren’t any issues with siting or access. Despite their size and weight, shipping containers are extremely simple to handle, and our delivery drivers are highly skilled.

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General Purpose Shipping Containers for Sale Brisbane

High Cubes Shipping Containers for Sale Brisbane

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Open Top Shipping Containers for Sale Brisbane

Refrigerated Shipping Containers for Sale Brisbane

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Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers for Sale Brisbane

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Shipping Container Brisbane

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ABC Shipping Container Hire and Sales Depots

Brisbane, Queensland-based ABC Shipping Container Hire and Sales is a company that specialises in shipping containers. We have depots all over the east coast of Australia. Our main office is in Brisbane, however we have a huge network of offices across the country.
Shipping containers are available for purchase at any of our satellite locations. Get in touch with your helpful, local staff as soon as possible!

Please give us a CALL (07) 4630 7666. Our team will be delighted to assist your shipping containers needs.

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