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Shipping container hotels

Architects and designers have experimented with a variety of architectural alterations that have become quite the talk of the town in the wake of shipping container homes creating waves and turning heads. Architects, surrounded by a sea of notable and unusual design concepts, have stirred the pot yet again with another original masterpiece shipping container hotel! Yes, you read that correctly. Storage containers that were previously used to convey cargo from one area to another have been removed from their docks and are being used as part of this modern, funky take on the common living space.
These rusty rectangular structures have been reclaimed into a sleek blend of reused materials and aesthetic appeal to produce an experience that is all the rage, taking on a little eccentric attitude. These eco-friendly accommodations not only cultivate a feeling of style with financial ease and durability, but they also serve as blank-canvases, allowing for endless creativity and paving the way for a re-imagined cargo container.
Here are some of the world’s most stylish shipping container hotels, which compete with tiny homes and other alternative housing options:

Quadrum Ski and Yoga Resort is number one

This jumble of containers, perched on a snowy slope at 7200 feet, provides a rustic, industrial hideaway with environmentally responsible features that are just as eye-catching. The pyramidal cluster of insulated, recycled shipping containers is deliberately arranged and lifted with steel poles near Gudauri, Georgia, resulting in little environmental impact. The hotel’s warm, minimalistic design creates a welcoming, yet modern atmosphere, with natural wood finishes and metal accents that compliment the soft, neutral décor. To get to the communal rooms, walk through the designer bookcases and up the opulent spiral staircases, which offer a spectacular, panoramic view of the Caucasus mountains through floor-to-ceiling windows. The best aspect is that the nearest slopes are only a 5-minute walk away, ensuring that habitual snow dwellers are satisfied!

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Shipping container hotel
Shipping containers hotel

ContainHotel is number two on the list

This pop-up boutique hotel in the Czech Republic was created by Prague-based Artikul Architects to be readily relocated and stationed in a number of locales. ContainHotel caters to a broad audience by being located in a variety of locations, such as a prominent surf spot, a bustling railway station, or by the Elbe River in Teboutice. This self-sufficient shipping container hotel can accommodate 13 people with three stacked containers that allow for a two-story structure. The bottom 20-foot containers provide shared amenities like restrooms and storage, while the top 40-foot container provides comfortable lodging with four charming bedrooms accessible via a shared terrace, allowing guests to be close to the breathtaking view. Water-saving taps and toilets, a built-in water reservoir for showers and sinks, a reclaimed birch interior, and custom furniture are all included. The eco-friendly features, as well as the warm, minimalist decor, are enough to draw attention to this cargo container converted into a holiday house.

CCASA is the third step in the process

Are you ready to leave the cramped confines and rigid beds of a standard hostel behind? Stop by this stylish, modern tourist attraction to spice up your backpacking journey, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. This hostel in Nha Trang, Vietnam, was designed by TAK Architects and takes influence from the posh cabins found in luxury trains (minus the claustrophobia and motion sickness). The aesthetic attractiveness of the likeness is amplified by the use of patterned tiles, wood, and cement accents throughout the area. The primary purpose of the hostel is to foster a sense of family, which is exemplified by the intermittent social rooms and bars that cater to young travellers. Guests can choose between a 4-6 person dorm or a private bedroom when they aren’t resting on the rope swing in a reproduction of a traditional Vietnamese courtyard or soaking in the views from the rooftop patio. Guests can explore the living room, playground, and laundry area on their way to the surrounding beach, which are all accessible through greenery-shaded catwalks.

Flophouze Hotel

This eco-chic hotel in Roundtop, Texas, was built with rebuilt cabinets rescued from an FDA lab, windows recovered from a Philadelphia school, and even countertops constructed from former bowling lanes. Through its retro flair, the cargo container includes a bombardment of objects collected throughout the owner’s travels, stressing the notion of “old is the new new.” The public fire pits and hammocks that provide a beautiful view of the sunset give this western, hipster-style hotel a sort of “glamping” vibe. Find tranquility in the act of unplugging and instead groove out to chosen vinyl as the vintage record players thrive in the absence of televisions while wandering among the six storage containers. Don’t forget to swim in the aboveground shipping container pool or check out the automobile charging station! If you’re tired of mosquito-infested camping vacations and scratchy sleeping bags, this is the place to go for a more glitzy and varied experience.
Storage container hotels are the epitome of adaptable, repurposed living. Although those metal constructions may not appear to be the most comfortable places to sleep, they are more useful and stylish than you might expect. The high-end appeal of living in a shipping container will have you planning your next trip to one of those futuristic hunks of steel!
Do you want to give your old shipping container a new lease on life, too? Take advantage of your stay in one of those hip, eco-friendly hotels to get a taste of what it’s like to live in a shipping container before deciding to buy one.
It’s time to think outside the box and experience, quite literally, what it’s like to stay in the box, whether you’re a hotelier taking use of the container’s structural integrity or a client trying to transform your family vacation.

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