Hire a Shipping Container

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Please give us a call at (07) 4630 7666 and we will be happy to discuss your shipping container hire requirements

Shipping Container Hire

Are you looking for Shipping Container Hire in Queensland?  We can deliver to you, sometimes the same day, a container to your location.  While our head office is in Toowoomba, we provide shipping container hire to our customers all over Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Are you renovating your home and chasing some extra storage space?  Are you tripping over your kids clutter while they ‘travel’?  Is your shed bursting at the seams?  There are countless reasons why you might be considering using a shipping container for extra storage.

Let us ease the pressure by delivering a shipping container for storage at your place. Our 20 foot steel shipping containers provide secure, water and vermin proof storage, and with the addition of a good padlock, can reduce the risk of unauthorised access even further.

Shipping Container Hire - ABC's 20 foot General Purpose steel shipping containers

(please note – we love blue shipping containers, but can supply other colours if required)

The container pictured here is the grade we like to deliver to customers that are storing or moving ‘clean stuff’, like furniture and household effects. We prefer to hire out shipping containers that we purchased new, so we know that they will provide you safe and secure storage for many years to come.

If you don’t like the color of these containers we have plenty of other colours to choose from. Cream, beige, white, green, brown are usually available.

If you are storing workshop gear, greasy or oily items, let us know and we will allocate a container that is still secure and weatherproof, but is a little older and not quite pristine.

To hire a 20 foot steel shipping container may be less expensive than you may think.  We charge a weekly hire fee of $19 per week, invoiced four weekly (so $76 every four weeks).

The process to hire one of these containers is simple.  Just give us a call and and we will quote you a delivery and collection fee.  

Please note we have a minimum 4 week hire term, so even if you need the container for a single day, your hire fee will be $76.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Shipping Container?

The process is simpler than you might think.  For example, if you need to hire a shipping container within the boundaries of Toowoomba, we will deliver it to your place for $77.  Another $77 to cover the return freight, and $76 for your first four week’s hire and for the princely sum of $230 we can deliver relief to you, sometimes within the hour!

For deliveries outside of Toowoomba, please call us for an obligation free quote.  It might cost less than you think, for example at time of writing a delivery to Charlton or Wellcamp costs $99, Highfields is $121, a delivery to Oakey $132 or a trip to Pittsworth is $154 or Gatton is $165 (each way).  Please note these prices are subject to change, phone us for up to date pricing.

We can walk you through the process of preparing your site for a container and are able to supply concrete pavers to keep your container up off the ground.  We work with you prior to delivery to help ensure the delivery by our tilt tray drivers goes smoothly.  We can give you a call to make sure you are ready for the delivery before we set off.

So call us on (07) 4630 7666.  Then breathe easy, and let us deliver one of these shipping containers to you today!

I've Become Quite Attached to My Hired Shipping Container. Can I Buy It Now?

Yes!  This is quite a common request in fact.  Call us up for a price to purchase your shipping container.  The price we quote you is based on the price we would be able to sell your hired shipping container for if we had it back in our depot.  At the moment, our cheapest containers (as is, not refurbished) are around $2,200 including GST and our most expensive containers (single trippers, 8’6″ high) are around $4,350.  Your hire container is usually going to be valued somewhere within this range.  Regardless, please call us and we can give you an accurate appraisal.

Furthermore, if you are a new hirer and interested in purchasing in the future, please ask us to quote you a purchase price in advance.  This agreed price will be noted on your hire agreement and all invoices, so you know what will be required if you choose to purchase outright.

Keep in mind that if you decide to purchase your shipping container, we no longer need to send a truck to collect it.  This means all prepaid return freight is deducted from your shipping container purchase price. 

Do you have a different requirement to that listed above?

We provide a wide range of services at ABC Container Hire & Sales.  We can hire you shipping containers that are different sizes (10 footers, 20 footers or 40 footers)as well as high cubes (9’6″ high rather than the standard 8’6″ high), side-opening containers and dangerous goods storage containers.

If the service you need is not listed above, please call us and we will endeavour to fulfil your request.  Or head over to our “Useful Info” page to see more details about each of our products and/or services.