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Shipping container grading

ABC Shipping container hire and sales are received and evaluated based on their condition; there are normally four main sorts of shipping containers, and we’ve compiled a list of each type and their various names.
In Australia, a general purpose 20ft shipping container is available.


New Builds, Single-Trip Containers, One-Way Trippers, and Like New Containers are all terms used to describe new containers.
Before being utilized by shipping companies to transport cargo, these containers are manufactured at facilities largely in Brisbane.
When the container arrives at its destination, it is emptied and transported by truck to an empty container yard.
After that, the container is thoroughly inspected, graded, and checked before being made available for resale.
Because of the short time spent being carried by forklifts, on and off ships or trucks, and limited sea or salt spray, these are the highest quality containers—they’re referred to as “Brand New.”
Dents, scratches, freight markings, and surface rust will be limited to non-existent.


Any container that will be modified – especially if you will be building with the container, such as an ABC Shipping Container for hire and sales.
If you don’t want the difficulty of maintaining a lower-grade container or the looks of a lower-grade container, this is also a wonderful alternative.

Used A-Grade Shipping Containers

Painted A Grades is another name for them.
The interior is of good quality; any surface rust is polished and primed; door seals are intact, fully welded, vermin-proof, and wind and watertight. Container is between the ages of 8 and 12.
The container must be in good working order.
The container would be delivered completely waterproof.
All doors, seals, and locking bars would be inspected and fixed if necessary.
Any low spots on the roof should be pushed up to avoid water gathering and rusting over time.
All big and small dents must be removed.
Rust and flaking paint on the surface were polished away.


Used A-Grade Shipping Containers
Used B-Grade Shipping Containers

Used B-Grade Shipping Containers

also known as Cargo Worthy Containers or Wind and Water Tight Containers,
The container must be in good working order.
Containers are secondhand or used containers that can be surveyed (if not already surveyed) and certified as structurally suitable for rail and ocean cargo freight.
To be graded, the container must have passed a series of universal inspection standards that pertain to the state of the container’s doors, floor, walls, ceiling, paint condition, and structural integrity. When it comes to shipping container certification, structural integrity is the most important factor.
All B-Grade containers have flaws, some of which are more noticeable than others.
You will never find two cargo-worthy containers in the same condition, with the same flaws, dings, scratches, and cargo marks.

Where to use it

All garden sheds, tools, crates, automobiles, and other objects that require secure dry storage are suitable.

Used C-Grade Shipping Containers

Containers that are sold “as is” are also known as “as is” containers.
Although of good quality, there may be dents and surface corrosion, and the container is neither wind-tight nor watertight.
Containers are often over 15 years old.
When the shipping lines decommission (retire from shipping life) the container, it does not go through a rigorous survey process when it arrives at our depots.
Because of structural faults in the container’s integrity, AS IS containers are frequently retired.
These are old and retired containers with surface rust in various circumstances where the factory paint has been rubbed, scuffed, or scratched, as well as delaminating and stained flooring in portions and shipping line and empty container yard labels.

Where to use it

suitable for agricultural animals, tractors, slashers, construction supplies, or car parts, among other things.

Used C-Grade Shipping Containers

ABC Shipping Container Hire and Sales Depots

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Shipping containers are available for purchase at any of our satellite locations. Get in touch with your helpful, local staff as soon as possible!

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