Open Top Containers

Open Top Containers

Open Top Containers is a standard general purpose container with a removable roof. It comes as either a soft top or a hard top container. A soft top container is an open top with a tarp over it to prevent rain entering the container. A hard top container is an open top container with a standard container top which is removeable.

The benefit of having an open top container is that you can load/unload the container from above with a crane or other lifting equipment. Materials and/or goods that otherwise would be hard to load or impossible to load through the end doors, will be very easy to load and unload through the container top.

If you see a container you like but you prefer a different color give us a call – we might have it in stock! (07) 4630 7666

20ft Open Top Container Hard Top

40ft Refurbished Open Top Container (Soft Top)

Used 40ft Open Top Container before and after getting refurbished. 
The first 4 pictures shows the container prior to being buffed and painted. The next 4 pictures shows the outcome after buffing and painting the container. 
After being refurbished, the container still has minor dents in the structure. But old flaky paint and rusty bits have been grinded off. Thereafter it has been coated with new paint  specially made for containers.  

The price of a refurbished 40ft Open Top container like this is **$??** (GST included).