Hire Container Relocated

What size container do you need to relocate your goods?

Hiring a Container to self-pack and then having it relocated by us.

This service is ideal if you are about to move in near future and need extra storage space which is easily transported. 

Hiring a container to be relocated costs the same as regular hire, but your freight will be more expensive. Transporting a loaded container costs more than transporting an unloaded container. 

Up front you will be charged with the first 4 weeks of your container hire ($19 weekly for 20ft), ($40 weekly for 40ft) and ($15 weekly for 10ft). 
On top of that you will be charged for the freight of the container leaving our depot and being delivered to your current place. Then we will give you a quote on the relocation freight of your loaded container. Knowing your new address we will also charge you up front with the return freight to our depot again. So when you are done with the container, you will not get charged any freight fees. 

(Trent to finish)