Hire Container at Depot

20ft Container stored at our local depot.

At ABC we have various ways for the customer to hire containers.
Having a container stored in our local depot in Toowoomba (16 Rocla Ct, Glenvale) is one of the options of hiring a container.
When you are hiring a container to be stored at our depot, you only pay for the hired container.
Because the container will be stored you don’t pay for any transport, of course.
Up front you will be charged for the first 4 weeks of your container hire.

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20ft Containers to be stored at our depot:

General Purpose Containers:

The most preferred container in the market, also the most common to have hired at our depot.

It will get almost every job done. You will only need another container if you have something that needs to be stored cold or if you possess some dangerous goods. 

This containers price weekly is $28.

When hiring this container you will pay for the first 4 weeks up front and thereafter we will send you an invoice every 4 weeks.

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Dangerous Goods Containers:

It is very possible to have a container for dangerous goods stored at our depot. 

The DG container is ideal if you have dangerous goods such as paint, thinners, diesel, flammables, oils, chemicals or other hazardous substances.

The price of hiring this type of container is more than a GP container due to the modifications required to make it qualified to contain dangerous goods. (PRICE??)

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Refrigerated Containers:

We have 2 kinds of refrigerated containers. Operating and non-operating Reefers. 
The non-operating Reefer is an insulated container where the cooling system is not operating. 
The operating refrigerated container is a fully functional insulated container that can keep your stored items cool.

The hire rate of the operating and non-operating differ. 
Operating Reefers has a weekly rate of *??*$.
Non-operating Reefers has a weekly rate of *??*$

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Didn't we cover your request on any of the above?

No Need To Worry!

We have plenty of other container hire solutions to offer. 
Please give us a call at (07) 4630 7666 or get an Obligation-Free Quote here and we will be very happy to meet your request!

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