Hire 40ft Container Relocated

40ft Container for you to self-pack, then have it relocated by ABC for you to unpack

General Purpose Containers:

Are you moving in the near future and in need of easy accessible storage. Why not use a shipping container. It works perfectly fine as a shed to keep everything in and it is transportable for an affordable price. 

It packs a massive 67.6 sqm of space inside. 

We are very happy to deliver one to your current place and whenever you want it relocated to your new place we will do that on your prefered date. On top of that we will remove it again as soon as you don’t need the container anymore. 

Up front you will pay for all transport in advance. From our depot to your current place, then from current location to new location and then lastly from your new place to our depot again. Besides that you will pay for the first 4 weeks of hire up front.

The price of hiring this 40ft container is **??**$ weekly.

(Trent to finish)

Refrigerated Containers:

We have 2 kinds of refrigerated containers. Operating and non-operating Reefers. 
The non-operating Reefer is an insulated container where the cooling system is not operating. 
The operating refrigerated container is a fully functional insulated container that can keep your stored items cool.

The hire rate of the operating and non-operating differ. 
Operating Reefers has a weekly rate of *??*$.
Non-operating Reefers has a weekly rate of *??*$. 


 (Trent to finish)

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We have plenty of other container hire solutions to offer. 
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