Hire 10ft Container Relocated

10ft Containers to self-pack and relocate

ABC can provide you with a container for you to self-pack, then have it relocated for you to unpack at your new place. We can take the container back the same day you are done unpacking it after your relocation, or you can keep renting it for the price starting at 15$ a week. 

Up front you will be charged with the freight from our depot to your current place, then the loaded freight from your current location to your new place and then for the freight back to our depot again. We also charge the 4 first weeks of your rent up front.

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General Purpose Containers:

The 10ft general purpose container will absolutely get the job done if you don’t have a lot of goods to store. If well packed it can contain about 1-1,5 rooms of goods. 

Pricings for 10 footers starts at 15$ weekly, which is fairly similar to 20ft containers. The reason is that a 10ft container is actually a 20ft container cut in half and then having the missing parts being welded on. 

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Dangerous Goods Containers:

Do you have any goods such as paint, thinners, diesel, flammables, oils, chemicals or other hazardous substances?

Then a Dangerous Goods container might be the ideal container for you! 

Modified from a normal container, this container prevent any spillings if something leaks through the container’s floor.

The hiring rate of a DG container is **??**$ weekly.

Up front you will pay for the first 4 weeks of hire plus the transport of the container to and from our depot. This meaning that you pay in advance for us to remove the container again whenever you don’t need it anymore.

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