High Cubes

High Cubes

High Cubes come in a wide range of purposes such as General Purpose, Refrigerated/Insulated, Side Opening.

As the name suggests High Cube containers differ from other containers by being higher. A High Cube container is 9.6 feet high compared to the regular height of 8.6 feet on standard containers.

The list contains 20ft, 40ft and 10ft containers but does not include all of our current stock. 

If you see a container you like but you prefer a different color give us a call – we might have it in stock! (07) 4630 7666

New (Single Trip) 20ft High Cube GP Container (Beige)

New High Cube Containers – $4,800 including GST.

10ft High Cube Dangerous Goods Container

10 feet long x 8 feet wide x 9.6 feet high – $6,600 including GST.

Used to store and contain any items that may potentially harm the environment should they leak, (eg: Thinners, Paint, Chemicals, Diesel, Oil, Flammables etc)