Size of Shipping Containers - FAQ

Probably the most Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) when someone wants information about containers:
The most common shipping containers we hire and sell are called “20 Foot General Purpose” shipping containers.  Externally, these units are 20 feet long (6.10 metres), 8 feet wide (2.44 metres) and 8.5 feet high (2.60 metres).  These containers weigh about 2,400 kg when empty.

20 foot containers can also be a foot taller (called High Cube containers), if you require extra height.

We can also supply 40 foot containers (both General Purpose and High Cubes).  These measure 40 feet long (12.20 metres), and are also 8 feet wide (2.44 metres) and can be either 8.5 feet or 9.5 feet high.  Most weigh about 3,050 kg when empty.

If you are stuck for space, we can supply 8 foot, 10 foot or 12 foot containers.  Typically these smaller containers cost the same, or even a bit more, than a 20 foot container.  Call us on (07) 4630 7666 if you’d like to enquire about other options for sizes.

How to Site your Shipping Containers - FAQ

We recommended to our customers that they place their containers are non-compressible blocks, to retain an air space under the container to prevent the possibility of rising damp occurring in moist areas. Railway sleepers work well (see picture below), while ‘besser blocks’ do not (they can be crushed under the weight of the container), nor do steel posts or poles (there is potential for slippage while loading and unloading).

Consideration should also be given by the hirer/buyer to the specific conditions of their site, and placement on any more than a mild slope is not recommended.

If you come into our depot we can provide you with basic concrete pavers (390mm x 190mm x 90mm) to get you started, like those pictured below, to get you started:

Container siting block

Please note these are likely to crumble under the weight of the container.  If you are interested in some heavier duty options, we can supply you with reinforced railway sleepers (900mm x 200mm x 80mm reinforced with 3 x 12mm deformed steel bars, 32mpa Fibre Glass Mix – weighs 45kg per block) for $38.50 per sleeper.

Freight of Shipping Containers - FAQ

20 foot shipping containers are generally delivered on a single axle tilt tray truck, and are loaded to suit your circumstances, either:

  • “Doors to Cab” – the Container is loaded with its doors facing the cabin or front of the truck, in these circumstances when the container slides from the tray of the truck the container doors will land on the ground last and will face the direction that the truck drives away.
  • “Doors to Rear” – Loaded this way, the doors land on the ground first, with this method most commonly used when the container is placed near a building for access or loading purposes.
It is important to check that the truck will have clear access to the site you wish your container to be delivered to.  We use trucks of varying sizes, so please ask if you are in doubt.  Also keep in mind if you have obstructions overhead (eg powerlines):
 Freight Dimensions FAQ

40 foot shipping containers are generally delivered on a side loader (Semi Trailer with trailer mounted offloading arms), with the unloading only capable on the drivers side of the truck.  Doors to Cab and Doors to Rear options similarly apply, however access for the Semi Trailer to access and leave the site must be considered.

7 Great Questions to consider:

The answers to the left is the specs of a high quality container.

To the right to have the specs of a lower quality container.

ABC Containers New Build containers are all high spec containers (high quality). This results in very strong and durable containers.

Some of our older containers might be of lower quality, which is why they come as cheap as they do. But even our lowest quality containers are fully weather proof.

For most customers paying the price of a high quality container is worth it. All depending on what you are going to store, of course.

Never be afraid to ask us at ABC about our container’s specs!