Buy a Shipping Container – Toowoomba

If you are in the market to buy a shipping container then ABC Container Hire & Sales should be your first call.  Unlike some ‘local’ operators, you can visit us at our site at 16 Rocla Court Toowoomba (Glenvale), and inspect the quality of the actual container you are interested in purchasing before you commit.

We can help you to buy a shipping container that matches your requirements.  We also help with advice about siting and ongoing maintenance of your container, so that it will give you many years of trouble-free service.

ABC Containers can supply all grades of shipping containers, from brand new (one-trip) containers, to refurbished and cargo-worthy containers.  Our containers are guaranteed to be vermin and weather proof.  While we don’t recommend them, if you are on a tight budget we can show you some lower grade options, and will help you understand why these containers are priced more cheaply.

If you buy a shipping container locally you can remove the risk of taking delivery of container that is overpriced for its standard.  We regularly hear stories from local residents that have been bitten by trusting cheap suppliers trading from interstate depots.

We are happy to supply you with a container that suits your circumstances.  Our refurbished containers can be painted to a colour of your choosing and we can arrange all transport and logistics to get it to your location.

Give us a call on (07) 46 307 666 and we will be only too happy to help you buy a shipping container that matches your needs.

Buy a Shipping Container – Currently selling

2017 “one-trip” 20 foot GP (8’6″) and HC (9’6″) containers 

Priced from $3,950 to $4,350 (including GST).  Containers are less than 12 months old and in excellent condition.  High cubes (9’6″ available for $4,600, cream with lock box and easy open doors)

buy a shipping container white 20 GP  buy a shipping container beige 20 GP  buy a shipping container 20 GP internal

Special for January 2018 (only one left) “one-trip” 20 foot GP containers (brown) 

$3,950 including GST – cheapest new build around!

Refurbished 20 foot containers

Base refurbished container price is $3,300 (including GST).  Containers are resprayed inside and out to a colour you choose.  A full range of modifications (doors, windows, shelves, whirly birds and vents) are available on request.  These containers are used, and usually around the 10 years of age mark.  Expect dents, maybe some patches.  Structurally sound, and the paint job is not automotive quality but absolutely makes the container look more presentable than one that is not refurbished.

buy a shipping container rivergum 20 GP  buy a shipping container beige 20 GP  buy a shipping container light grey 20 GP  buy a shipping container brown 20 GP

40 foot “high cube” containers

We prefer to supply high cube containers (9’6″ high rather than standard 8’6″) and can provide standard height containers if required.  These can be delivered to your place on a side-loader (as pictured below) or a super-tilt.

New (single-trip) containers

Price on Application (prices are presently volatile and subject to change weekly – our most recent pricing was ~$7,500 including GST delivered in Toowoomba)

buy a shipping container white 40 HC 1  buy a shipping container white 40 HC 2  buy a shipping container white 40 HC 3

Refurbished 40 foot containers

Base container price is $4,500 (including GST).  Fully resprayed inside and out, you choose the paint colour.  A full range of modifications are available, and we can supply both standard height and high cube containers.

buy a shipping container rivergum 40 HC  buy a shipping container white 40 HC

buy a shipping container blue 40 HC  buy a shipping container brown 40 HC

AS1940/2004 compliant 10ft flammable goods storage container

Out of stock at present.

AS1940/2004 compliant 20ft high cube side opening flammable goods storage container

Out of stock at present.

We arrange delivery to your premises

We use local tilt-tray providers Sowerbys Towing and Tow Mee to deliver our 20 foot containers and Adam Uebergang Towing to deliver our 40 foot containers.