Accessories and Modifications


Padlocks are the most common accessory for shipping containers. Commonly considered as a necessity.
It is used to prevent thieves from entering your container. 


Lock boxes are a great add-on to your lockpad to further secure your container from unwanted visitors by making it very hard to access with any steel cutting tool.
But also protecting the lockpad from the weather.


Vents are great for naturally increasing the air flow inside your container.
Vents also help reducing the temperature inside the container during a hot day. 


Having shelvings installed in your container makes it very easy for you to store away smaller objects. 
Commonly used to store tools, dokuments, archive boxes and personal assets. 
We offer free standing shelves and built-in. 


A WhirlyBird is a great way for you to optimize the air flow in your container.
While optimizing the air flow it also helps reducing the temperature of the container.
It is highly recommended to have vents installed with the WhirlyBird for better air flow.


Air Conditioning is a great accessory to maximise comfort inside a shipping container. Perfect for office containers or other container choices where you would spend a lot of time.  


ABC can provide a big variety of windows to use in your shipping container. Allowing better air ventilation and natural lighting inside the container. ABC provides well secured windows.


Choosing to install a door in your container allows you to very easily enter your container without having to open the heavy shipping container’s end doors. 


Having electricity in your shipping container makes it possible to install lights, air conditioning and more in your container. Making it a practical environment to suit your needs. 


Having plumbing installed in your container makes it possible to use sinks, showers and toilets. 


Installing ramps can help minimising tripping accidents. They are also very helpful if you have products on wheels you need to move in and out. 
Ramps can be installed at any door opening.

Pop-Up Window

Pop-up windows gives you the opportunity to keep light out or let light into your container. They are easy to open and close and can be installed on every window. Pop-ups can also work very well as a coffee shop.  

Internal Lining

We often get asked how much it costs to line a shipping container.  Click through here to see an outline of how this is done, and the costs involved.