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5 Myths About Shipping Containers Debunked

With development projects continuously on the rise, people all over the spectrum are turning to alternative solutions that won’t break their budget. At a time when the demand for space is at a premium, it’s little wonder that temporary storage space and inside-the-box custom structures are increasingly popular.

Whether you are weighing your options for storage at your business or during a long-distance move or wanting to pursue a building project, it is important to go into any big decision with your eyes wide open.

We have received many different questions and heard various assumptions about shipping containers over the years, but here are the five most common myths that we would like to debunk:

“There are stacks of shipping containers sitting around and nobody knows what to do with them.”

Verdict: Myth!

Even prior to the COVID-19 global pandemic, international container fleets were at 99% utilization. Currently, there is an acute shortage of shipping containers worldwide and ocean carriers have found themselves scrambling for usable containers everywhere. New container production in Chinese factories is the highest it has been in years, but even this output has yet to satisfy the worldwide demand for additional new units. This shortage has driven the prices up on all new containers and is prompting the shipping lines to hold onto used containers longer than ever to fill their massive ships and meet freight demands.

Despite these industry-wide and worldwide price increases, businesses like Secure-Rite have been able to shield customers from most of these impacts through large inventory levels and purchasing power.

“Building with containers is always more cost-effective.”

Verdict: Although this can be true, it depends on the requirements for each project.

Affordability and durability are two of the biggest benefits of building with shipping containers. Building structures with shipping containers can certainly save you money on materials, foundation requirements, as well as the kind of maintenance that traditional wood or stone structures require over time.

Despite this initial cost savings, you might find that additional costs are incurred depending on the design plan you opt for, as well as any upgrades or higher-end finishes. It is also important to keep in mind that building a custom structure with a shipping container is not dissimilar to building a home or business space – you will want to factor in the cost of land, permits, inspections, and any adjustments required as a result of this process.

“Won’t my stuff get ruined inside a shipping container?”


Source: Kelownanow

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