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40ft Refrigerated Shipping Containers for Hire – New & Used

New and Used Premium Quality 40ft High Cube refrigerated (Reefers) shipping containers.


40ft Shipping container For Hire – Refrigerated (Reefers)

This massive 40ft refrigerated shipping containers is the ideal solution if you need a temperature controlled storage unit. It is also known as “Reefer” Storage Containers. It’s 67.6sqm of space can fulfill all your cold storage needs. 40ft reefer | refrigerated shipping containers are a popular choice for modified living spaces.
ABC Container Hire & Sales can supply high-quality ISO refrigerated containers, storage refrigerated containers and specialty refrigerated products. We are committed to offer the best service with the best price to our clients.

Type: ✔ New ✔Used

Features & Use

40ft Refrigerated Shipping Containers for sale are a great solution for a wide variety of cold storage applications. Among the customers from Food distributors, Restaurants, Meat processors, Pharmaceutical storage, Florists, Refrigerated Shipping Containers are considered as one of the most popular shipping containers. These Refrigerated Shipping Containers are available for sale.

Reefer Containers are Used by:



  • Stainless steel interior and exterior wall panels
  • Aluminum floor with ‘T’ profile, suitable for forklift traffic
  • Double Doors in end opposite machine
  • Variable temperature setting options from -20F to 70F
  • Power required: 460V 3phase (40A and 15KVA service). Also available with 230V 3phase
  • Economical options for used boxes with new machines available



Max Gross Weight: 32.500 kg (71.650 lb)
Tare Weight: 4,920 kg (10,846 lb)
Payload: 27,480 kg (60,803 lb)

External Dimensions:
Length: 2,192 mm (40′-0″)
Width: 2,438 mm (8′-0″)
Height: 2,591 mm (8′-6″)

Internal Dimensions:
Length: 11,577 mm (37′-11″)
Width: 2,438 mm (8′-0″)
Height: 2,591 mm (8′-6″)
Lashings / Bottom Rail: 6 Pieces / Side
Loading Line (Height): 2,457 (8′)

Door Opening:
Width: 2,290 mm (7′-6″)
Height: 2,264 mm (7′-5″)

Cubic Capacity: 59.8 m3 (2.111.8 ft.3)

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