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40ft side opening shipping containers for Sale – New & Used

New and Used Premium Quality 40ft Side Opening Shipping Containers.

40ft side opening shipping containers for sale – shipping container with side doors

Side opening shipping containers are modified shipping container with side doors. Open side container make it easier to access your goods and stored items via additional doors positioned on the side. Side opening shipping containers are becoming popular for transporting goods and cargo around Australia and the world. There are many ways to modify them in order to make them more convenient to use. Loading items through the double doors at the front of the container is not always practical, this is why the side opening shipping containers were introduced.

Our range of side opening shipping containers have been manufactured to the highest quality. The removal of the standard doors offers full side access, and creates a unique opportunity for storage space. Unlike with standard containers, there’s no issue with accessing items at the back of the container, giving businesses more flexibility with their stock.

At ABC Container Hire & Sales, we have both standard and high cube specifications of side opening shipping containers, and in 20ft and 40ft lengths, they’re suitable for many different types of cargo. Wind and water tight, they are also designed to protect against the elements.

Type: ✔ New ✔Used

Features & Use

Due to their easy forklift access, and the ease with which pallets can be picked up, side opening containers are ideal for businesses who are looking to store their stock.

Side opening containers are also a popular choice for a number of conversion projects, due to their quick set-up time and ease of transportation. This includes:

  • pop-up bars and restaurants,
  • exhibition stands, and
  • even ticket sales offices.
Length: 40ft (12192mm)
Width: 8ft (2430mm)
Height: 9ft 6ins (2890mm)
Weight: 5830kg
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