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40ft Open top shipping containers for Sale

New and Used Premium Quality 40ft Side Opening Shipping Containers.

40ft open top container For Sale

Open Top Shipping Containers is a standard general purpose container with a removable roof. It comes as either a soft top or a hard top container. A soft top container is an open top with a tarp over it to prevent rain entering the container. A hard top container is an open top container with a standard container top which is removable.

The benefit of having an open top container is that you can load/unload the container from above with a crane or other lifting equipment. Materials and/or goods that otherwise would be hard to load or impossible to load through the end doors, will be very easy to load and unload through the container top.

The 40ft Open Top Shipping container can be used for special and heavy goods. The new and used Open Top container has been made out of corten steel and provided with a wooden floor, galvanized locking equipment, removable header and a tarpaulin roof.

ABC Container Hire & Sales has a large amount of Open Top containers for sale. We also lease and rent these containers. Please contact our sales team on (07) 4630 7666 for more information on these special containers.

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Features & Use
  • Removable Roof: Opentop containers feature a removable tarpaulin roof which is supported by roof bows. Cargo is easily loaded through the roof cavity once these have been removed.
  • Removable Rear Top Rail: For large machinery or bulk items that need to be slid in through the container doors, the rear top rail can be removed for better access.
  • Weatherproof Tarpaulin: Once the cargo is loaded into the container, the tarpaulin is resecured and provides watertight protection for your cargo, even in the case of over height items.
  • Half Heights: Half height open top containers are available – these are used primarily for carrying heavy bulk cargo such as ore or rock.
External Length: 12,192mm
External Width: 2438mm
External Height: 2591mm
Interior Length: 12,020mm
Interior Width: 2350mm

Interior Height 2360mm
Door Width: 2338mm
Door Height: 2285mm
Cubic Volume: 67m3
Gross Weight: 30,480kg

Tare Weight: 3980kg
Payload: 26,500kg
ISO Code: 42G1
Shipping Grade: IICL5 – WWT
Internal Grade: A to C Grade

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