20ft Containers

20ft Shipping Containers

ABC Containers 20ft shipping container is the most common container in use today. We can offer you a big variety of 20ft containers such as:

General Purpose, Dangerous Goods, High Cube, Open Top (hard and soft top), Refrigerated, Non Operating Refrigerated, Side Open, Pallet Wide and Bulker. You can see more datails about the different Containers Here.

Depending on what you want to use the container for, we offer different grades of containers for all the listed above. See more about Grades Here. 

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The 20ft General Purpose Shipping Container is the most used container on the market. Whether it is for private storage, transportation of goods, commercials, or business use, it always meets expectations. 

We can provide you with a 20ft Shipping Container in just a few days after your order. We have every container leaving our local depot varying from AS IS to New Build

The price of the container depends on whether you want to hire or buy, and also on whether you want a used container, refurbished or a brand new one. 

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20ft Shipping Container Specifications

Dimension – Internal, External.


Max Weight

Capacity (Volume)


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