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10ft Dangerous Goods Containers for Hire

New and Used Premium Quality 10ft Dangerous Goods Containers.

10ft dangerous goods containers for Hire | 10ft Dangerous Goods Storage Containers for Hire

Dangerous Goods Containers are made specifically to store any environment hazardous substances in. The main function of a Dangerous Goods Container is to prevent any spillings to exit the container into the environment. Instead of having a timber floor it has a metal grid and under the grid there is a perfectly sealed floor to catch any potential spillings. ABC Container Hire & Sales’s dangerous goods containers are available in two standard sizes, 3m (10ft) and 6.1m (20ft). Both sizes are high-cube containers with an additional 30cm of vertical space for larger capacity.

Whether it is paint, thinners, oil, diesel, flammables or other, this container is ideal due to the modifications.

Used to store and contain any items that may potentially harm the environment should they leak, (eg: Thinners, Paint, Chemicals, Diesel, Oil, Flammables etc)

Do you have regulations at your workplace that require you to store materials like these safely.

Features & Use
  • Containers are designed and built specifically for dangerous goods storage
  • Containers are easily transportable from site to site
  • They have a non-spark, non-corroding alloy floor
  • They have full drainage holes and built-in bunded floor
  • They have front or side drainage valves in case of spills.
External length: 2991mm
External width: 2438mm
External height: 2896mm
Internal length 2831mm
Internal width 2288mm
Internal height 2391mm

Door width: 2774mm
Door height: 2280mm
Internal capacity: 17.55m2
Code: 15G2HAZ

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Other sizes of dangerous goods containers: 20ft Dangerous Goods Storage Containers.

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