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10ft High Cube shipping containers for sale – New & Used

New and Used Premium Quality High Cube Shipping Containers

10ft Shipping containers For Sale – High Cube

10ft High Cube shipping containers provide the benefit of a higher roof at 9.5 Ft high. Used to store and contain any items that may potentially harm the environment should they leak, (eg: Thinners, Paint, Chemicals, Diesel, Oil, Flammables etc). Having built to withstand the harsh weather, fluctuating temperatures, and long journeys, many of these containers survive for many years, outlasting their usage with particular owners.

Type: ✔ New ✔Used

Features & Use

Can be used for Business Projects & Storage, Spare Work Space or Gallery Space, Moving Products to Different Locations, Shipping Products Across the Country, Temporary Office Space and Pop Up Shops.

  • Fast Delivery to your site
  • Economical Storage Solution
  • Available Australia Wide
  • Range of Quality Options for all Budgets
  • Great Security
  • Easy to Fit in most spaces
Shipping Containers Sizes: 10 ft (3 m)

External Dimensions for General Purpose Container
Length External: 10 ft (3.10 m)
Width External: 8 ft (2.438 m)
Height External: 9.5 ft (2.896 m)

Internal Dimensions for General Purpose Container
Length Internal: 9.8 ft (2.98 m)
Width Internal: 7.7 ft (2.352 m)
Height Internal: 8.9 ft (2.698 m)

Weight of General Purpose Shipping Container
Cubic Capacity: 10,160 kg
Shipping Containers Available: 10 ft (3 m)

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